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Free Wi-Fi in Middlesbrough town centre

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We now have free Wi-Fi available in the town centre, so you can stay connected while you're shopping or enjoying a well-earned coffee break.

Wi-Fi name: free_mbro_towncentre

By using our free Wi-Fi you're agreeing to our acceptable use policy.

Acceptable Use Policy

  • The internet access is filtered to prevent access to web sites deemed to be inappropriate by the council's internet policies.

  • Users should not use the internet access in any manner that violates any laws or regulations.

  • Users should not use the internet access in any manner that may cause anxiety or distress to others.

  • Do not leave your device unattended. You are responsible for your own device and for the safety and security of that device.

  • You are responsible for protecting your device against viruses, malware and any other downloadable data that may affect the operation of your device.

  • Please be aware of your surroundings and afford privacy to other users.

  • For advice about online safety please visit Get Safe Online or a similar site.
  • The council is not responsible for providing assistance or advice about your wireless device or its settings.
  • The council will not accept any responsibility for any personal browsing by any person who uses their own device to access the internet via a Wi-Fi connection provided by the council.

Information about how your data is collected and stored is available in the town centre Wi-Fi privacy notice.