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Conservation, educational groups, talks and tours

Conservation and preservation

Teesside Archives employs an accredited conservator who is responsible for looking after the documents in our care.

This involves the conservation of books, maps and plans, parchment, and photographic collections. It also includes carrying out practical repairs so documents can be safely handled.

The conservator is also responsible for preserving the collections, which involves:

  • carrying out surveys on the condition of individual collections
  • packaging
  • giving advice and training on storage protection and the handling of documents
  • monitoring the storage environment and the disaster control plan

When collections are chosen to be digitised, the conservator cleans, repairs, and generally prepares the items to make sure they won't be damaged during the process, and that the best copy is made.

The conservator may be able to carry out some private conservation work, like paper and book repair, for a fee. They can also give advice on storage, and arrange for the supply of appropriate packaging materials, including bespoke protective sleeves and boxes.

Please contact us for more information or to ask for a quote:


Phone: 01642 248321

Educational groups

Teesside Archives staff can run sessions for school and university groups, or supply resources which can be used by teaching staff.

Current sessions available include:

  • History of the River Tees
  • Middlesbrough – town through time
  • World War II – air raid reports
  • Victorian workhouses – Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, and Guisborough
  • Bridge building
  • Maps
  • Career advice for getting into archives and conservation
  • Introduction to archives

Our sessions can be tailored for any age group from early years to higher education. We're continuing to develop other sessions on a range of topics including history, geography, engineering, and creative writing.

Please contact us for more information:


Phone: 01642 248321

Walks and talks

We can run guided heritage walks around Teesside based on local history and material from our collections.

A member of staff can also give a talk to your organisation about Teesside Archives, how the service works, and any records relevant to your interests.

Please contact us for more information:


Phone: 01642 248321