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Research Service: ordering documents

Research Service: ordering copies of documents

If you have identified a document you are interested in viewing but you are unable to visit in person we may be able to provide a photocopy / watermarked scan of a document up to A3 size. Not all documents are suitable to be copied or scanned so please send us an initial enquiry including the document reference and title (eg U/S/76 Lease for property in Stockton) to get confirmation before you pay. If you choose photocopies we can recommend whether black and white or colour copies would be suitable.

Please note this option does not include any staff research time.

Black and white photocopies

  • Up to 6 single-sided A4 sheets or 3 single-sided A3 sheets - £5
  • Up to 20 single-sided A4 sheets or 15 single-sided A3 sheets - £12.50
  • Up to 50 single-sided A4 sheets or 30 single-sided A3 sheets - £25

Colour photocopies

  • Up to 2 single-sided A4 sheets or 1 single-sided A3 sheets - £5
  • Up to 12 single-sided A4 sheets or 8 single-sided A3 sheets - £12.50
  • Up to 24 single-sided A4 sheets or 16 single-sided A3 sheets - £25

Watermarked scans

  • Up to 10 watermarked images - £12.50
  • Up to 20 watermarked images - £25

These charges include the cost of the copies, staff time and where appropriate postage.

We will aim to respond to your enquiry within 15 working days. If you have requested for your copies to be sent to you by post, please allow an additional 5 days for delivery.

Please note: all research and copies of documents are provided for private research purposes only. If you wish to publish (in a publication, book, website, social media, video etc.) any of the information provided you will need to contact us to obtain a licence and additional charges may apply.