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Middlesbrough Town Hall

Insurance claims

Making a claim

If you feel that you've suffered a loss through negligence on the part of the council, you can make an insurance claim online. Please provide as much detail as possible, together with any photographs or documents that will support your claim.

Make a claim online.

Please note, there is no automatic right to compensation, and for a claim to succeed there has to be proven legal liability and/or negligence.


All claims are fully investigated and we may share your information with other organisations to help prevent and detect fraud.

If we find that you've provided false or misleading information, or that your claim has been exaggerated, we may inform the police and seek prosecution, as well as pursuing recovery of our costs.


Solicitors enquiring about the council's insurers and Portal ID are advised of the following: 

Public Liability and Employer's Liability

Our current insurer is:

Zurich Municipal

Portal Compensator ID: C00108

Policy Number: QLA-08U0050013-00

Defendant only claim notification forms must be sent to:

Risk & Insurance
Middlesbrough Council
PO Box 506
Civic Centre