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Strategic priorities and budget savings consultation

Strategic priorities and budget savings 2018-21 consultation

A consultation is now underway on plans for regeneration, investment, jobs and local services for the years ahead in Middlesbrough.

Currently in development, our Strategic Plan 2018-21 will outline the priorities that will underpin the town’s future growth and prosperity, and over the coming months, we're seeking the views of residents, businesses and other stakeholders as a vital part of the planning process.

A report on the Council’s Strategic and Medium Term Financial Plans was given to a meeting of full Council on Wednesday 6 December, with the budget set to be agreed by members in March 2018.

View the full report on strategic planning for 2018-21.

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The proposals are part of the latest phase of our Change Programme, which has seen us transform the way we deliver services in response to the austerity measures and budget cuts introduced by the Coalition Government in 2010.

Before the budget is approved in March 2018, we're asking members of the public to complete a short questionnaire to give their views on the plans.

Have your say in the online survey.

You can also give your views by emailing

Facts and figures

The town’s ambitious Investment Programme will see council investment of approximately £74 million to attract external investment estimated at £625 million, helping to grow Middlesbrough’s economic base, raise the town's profile nationally and create opportunities for local people.

The Social Regeneration Strategy will deliver improvements for residents by improving health, employment, skills, neighbourhood and community outcomes.

In light of continued budget cuts and external pressures, savings of nearly £6 million for 2018-19 are required, with nearly £2 million being achieved through increased income and £2.5 million from the transformation of children’s social care.

Further proposed savings include £300,000 through the implementation of digital mail and purchasing systems, and £400,000 from efficiencies from partnership working.

Proposals also include the closure of parts of Ayresome Industries due to lack of demand for goods produced, to achieve total savings of nearly £200,000. The small number of staff affected will be redeployed where possible or supported to find alternative employment.

View a full list of proposed budget savings.