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Middlesbrough Town Hall

Town centre lighting

We've installed lighting on some of our most iconic town centre buildings to improve the look of the town. The lighting can be changed to different colours, so we're able to light up the buildings to recognise significant events.

If you'd like to request that the buildings are lit to celebrate or commemorate a specific event, you can send your request to Try to make your request as detailed as possible, and include some evidence that your event is for a recognised cause (for example, a website link).

Buildings which can be lit up include: Town Hall, Centre Square, Central Library, Dorman Museum, Zetland car park, and St. Hilda's bells (outside McDonald's on Linthorpe Road).

Please email at least 2 weeks before the date you'd like the lights on. If we're able to support your event, we'll contact you for more information.

Please note, we can only light the buildings for recognised events, like celebrations or national awareness days, and not personal events like birthdays.

Calendar of events

The lighting scheme runs from January to December each year. These are the events we've already committed to lighting up our buildings for:

  • Holocaust Memorial Day - 27 January
  • LGBT + History Month - from 1 February       
  • World Cancer Day - 4 February
  • Fairtrade Fortnight - from 22 February
  • International Women's Day - 8 March
  • St Patrick's Day - 17 March
  • Earth Hour - 27 March (the lights will be switched off)
  • Autism Acceptance Day - 2 April
  • Earth Day - 22 April
  • St George's Day - 23 April
  • Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week - from 5 May
  • IDAHO - 17 May
  • LGBT pride month - from 1 June
  • Armed Forces Week - from 17 June
  • Nagar Kirtan - 17 July 
  • Mela - 13 and 14 August
  • World Suicide Prevention Day - 10 September 
  • Halloween - 31 October
  • Remembrance Day - 13 November
  • Christmas - throughout November and December 

Middlesbrough's town centre buildings lit up in various colours