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Mayor, Councillors and Committees

Council meetings

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We hold regular meetings of the full council to consider council business. Full council means all elected Members. The agendas and reports for full council meetings are available online before the meeting and are available for anyone to view.

Council meetings are broadcast live on the Middlesbrough Council Live Facebook group. Members of the public can also attend full council meetings in person, details of how to book a place will be available one week before a meeting.

Full council meetings for 2021/2022

Date Time Notes
25 May 2022 7pm

AGM - No questions from members of the public

Members of the public can attend this meeting by booking a place.

Please note, all dates are subject to change. Any changes will be clearly shown on this page.

Meetings usually begin at 7pm, but this may be changed to 6:30pm, depending on what business is being discussed. For example, if the council is presenting awards, receiving a presentation from an external agency, or including a policy conference as part of the meeting.

Watch council meetings live

Council meetings are broadcast live on the Middlesbrough Council Live Facebook group. You'll need a Facebook account before you can join the group.

Facebook logo linking to the Middlesbrough Council Live Facebook group

Council questions

Meetings where members of the public can ask questions are clearly indicated in the 'Full council meetings' table above.

A question may only be asked if it has been received no later than 5pm, 7 clear working days before the day of the meeting. The question must be sent in writing or by email to the Monitoring Officer.

Each question must state the name and address of the person asking the question. You must also name the Executive member or Committee Chair who you'd like to answer the question. Otherwise the question will either be answered by the elected Mayor, or the Executive member or Committee Chair chosen by the elected Mayor.

To put forward a question at a council meeting, please contact:
Post: Middlesbrough Council, PO Box 503, Town Hall, Middlesbrough, TS1 9FX

Agendas, reports, and minutes

Agendas, reports and minutes of committees are available via Modern.Gov. The system is updated regularly and relevant information is added as soon as it becomes available. ModernGov can also be used to check the members of a particular committee.

You can now download the Modern.Gov app, which lets you view, annotate, and download committee meeting papers. You can also decide which committees you're interested in and get automatic updates when new information is published for the committee. The Modern.Gov app is available to download on your phone or tablet from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Please contact Democratic Services about the status of reports or minutes before relying on their content for any purpose. We do not accept responsibility for any losses as a result of relying on the information shown. All information is subject to the requirements of the Local Government Act 1972 relating to exempt or confidential information.

Videos of council meetings

Virtual meetings of the full council are streamed live via the Middlesbrough Council Live Facebook group.

Videos from the last five council meetings:

All meetings which took place in the Town Hall and were recorded live are available via the Middlesbrough Council YouTube channel for a period of two years after the meeting.