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Councillor code of conduct

Middlesbrough Council has a code of conduct for all elected members. Each parish council is also required to have a code of conduct for its elected members.

The council's code of conduct applies to:

  • all elected members (councillors)
  • the mayor
  • co-opted members of the council (people who have not been elected but who contribute specific knowledge and experience, for example to committees)
  • independent (non-elected) members of the council's standards committee

If you think that a member has acted in a way which breaches the code of conduct, you can complain to the council's standards committee.

Please note, the code of conduct only applies when a member is acting in their official capacity, not when they are acting in a personal or private capacity.

Make a complaint

You can make a complaint using the online form.

Alternatively you can download the complaint form, fill it in by hand, and send it to:

Councillor code of conduct complaints
Legal Services
P.O. Box 503