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Stainton and Thornton parish council

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View the Stainton and Thornton parish councillors.

Councillor Profiles

Parish Councillor Alan Conroy
Parish Councillor Angela Cooper
Parish Councillor David Coupe
Parish Councillor Christopher Dean
Parish Councillor Alan Liddle
Parish Councillor Brian Neale

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Meetings of Stainton and Thornton Parish Council usually take place on the second Tuesday of alternate months at Stainton Memorial Hall. The meeting in March is always a joint meeting with the Community Council and the meeting in May is always the Annual General Meeting. The meetings generally start at 7.15pm.  Any change of dates and timing, if necessary, will be advertised on this website.

Parish Council meetings are open to the public. The Council Chairman does have the power to exclude the public from part of a meeting if he judges that publicity would be prejudicial to the public interest or because of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted, but this happens very, very rarely. In practice, you are very welcome to attend Parish Council meetings.

Members of the public have no rights to speak at Parish Council meetings unless the Council authorises this, but again, in practice, if you've got a constructive point to make about what is going on in Stainton and Thornton then the Council will invariably give you an opportunity to make that point.

Agendas and minutes of the parish council meetings are also available.


If you'd like any further information about the parish council, or if you'd like to bring anything to the council's attention, please contact:

J Holmes
Clerk to the Council
Stainton & Thornton Parish Council
Contact Details:
Post: 13 Strait Lane, Stainton, Middlesbrough TS8 9BB
Phone: 01642 296060 or 07980 572115

Annual reports

Every year the chair of the parish council will produce an annual report.

Annual report of the chair for the year 2016-17
Annual report of the chair for the year 2013-14
Annual report of the chair for the year 2012-13
Annual report of the chair for the year 2011-12
Annual report of chair for the year 2010-11
Annual report of chair for the year 2009-10
Annual report of chair for the year 2008-9


Stainton and Thornton newsletter - December 2015

Stainton and Thornton newsletter - September 2015
Stainton and Thornton newsletter - June 2014
Stainton and Thornton newsletter - March 2014

Stainton and Thornton parish council accounts 

Annual Governance Statement 2017-18
Accounting Statements 2017-18
Annual Internal Audit Report 2017-18
Certificate of Exemption
Date for Public Rights
Receipts and payments account for the year to 31 March 2018
Report of the Responsible Financial Officer
Summary of Public Rights
Annual governance statement 2016-17
BDO Annual Return 2016/17
Notice of conclusion of audit
Accounting statements for 2015-16
Annual governance statement 2015-16
Annual internal audit report 2015-16
External auditor certificate and report 2015-16 certificate
Budget 2013 - 2014
Budget 2012 - 2013
Report of the Responsible Financial Officer 2011 - 2012
Budget 2011 - 2012
Report of the Responsible Financial Officer 2010 - 2011
Report of the Responsible Financial Officer 31 March 2010
Parish council - Year to 31 March 2010
Parish council - Year to 31 March 2009