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Awards for inspirational young people

Inspirational young people in Middlesbrough - many with a disability or additional learning needs - have been celebrated.

Middlesbrough Council hosted an event at the Town Hall to mark the achievements of people from across the town in its annual SEND Awards.

Award winners were celebrated for their successes in work experience placements, in employment and in apprenticeships.

The achievements of those whose independence is an inspiration to others were also acknowledged, along with those who continually champion for the rights of others in their communities.

During the award ceremony guests were also given the opportunity to watch a performance from the Middlesbrough Open Orchestra, a musical inclusion performance group for young people with a disability.

The awards are part of an ongoing project to raise the aspirations and ambitions of young people with a disability, and to increase the numbers of young people with a disability who move into sustained employment when they finish their education.

Middlesbrough's Deputy Mayor, Cllr Antony High, attended the ceremony. He said: "The event was a huge success and showcased that children with disabilities can be creative to the point of brilliance, everyone who attended and contributed made the day extremely inspirational and I was proud to see the positive delivery and service support we have across the town."

Andrea Williams, Middlesbrough Council's Director of Education, added: "It was a privilege to share such amazing achievements with these confident young people and their very proud families."