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Closure order on house of drugs and violence

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A photo of a disorderly house in Oliver Street being boarded up

A drugs house which attracted so much violence and trouble that it needed its own ‘bouncer' managing the door has been shut down.

A closure order has been served on Oliver Street in Linthorpe village following partnership work between Middlesbrough Council, Cleveland Police and residents to gather evidence of disorder.

Middlesbrough County Court heard how the address could see between 60 and 70 people visiting it on an average day, arriving on foot, on bikes and in taxis.

Fighting in the street has been repeatedly reported and shocking incidents have included an older woman being set upon by three females from the house and a law-abiding resident being told he would have his face "smashed in".

One witness said: "There is lots of screaming and shouting from within the address and outside of the property. They also play music very loudly.

"I have heard other residents being threatened in the street by visitors to the address with one resident being told he would have his face 'smashed in'.

"The last six weeks have been hell. Last week I witnessed an older lady being 'set upon' by three females from Oliver Street and she was badly beaten up.

"Due to all the violence this address has attracted I have witnessed what looks like a 'bouncer type man' 'managing' the door of the property. I have seen this person beat up people who come to the door."

Witnesses also believe they have seen stolen goods being taken to and from the property including builder's tools, a generator and televisions.

A witness added: "I love living in this community and it is very upsetting and distressing to have to live like this. I am very frightened and feel intimidated when leaving my property as I am afraid of what some individuals who go to the address might say or do to me.

"The tenants of the property clearly have no respect or thought for anyone else who lives on the street."

A three-month closure order has now been served on the property and it has been boarded up.

Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston said: "We are fully committed to rooting out people who make a life a misery for good, law abiding people in our communities.

"I am really pleased we have been able to secure this order and we hope that the people of Oliver Street and the surrounding area can go back to enjoying living in a good and strong community."

Sergeant John Sproson, from Middlesbrough neighbourhood team, said: "We are committed to acting on information from our communities and thank them for their patience whilst we go through the necessary processes to obtain these orders.

"We will continue to work with residents and partners to tackle those who cause misery in our communities." 

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