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Compassionate acts of community safety workers

Restrictions are starting to ease, but you must still remember: Hands. Face. Space. Fresh air. Check the current rules.

The compassionate work of Middlesbrough Council's community safety team has been highlighted in a varied week helping a series of vulnerable and distressed people.

Among the issues dealt with have been Neighbourhood Safety Wardens assisting a disabled person in North Ormesby to attend their Covid vaccination appointment and a council car park attendant talking down a man from the top of Zetland car park.

Also this week wardens helped a local woman put her depressed husband in touch with a local vicar for support and in a separate incident helped a local resident remove a dead cat from a property.

Council dog wardens have managed to reunite two lost dogs with their owners while a third had to be taken to the pound.

Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston said: "I'm really pleased to hear about all these amazing examples of really compassionate work by council staff.

"I really want to praise them because they're never afraid to get stuck in and help people whatever their problems or issues are.

"We still won't shy away from stopping and punishing bad behaviour but in the first instance we can help people then I think that's really great."

In terms of the "enforcement" side of their work Neighbourhood Safety Wardens have this week dealt with a North Ormesby noise complaint which stemmed from a BBQ being held in an alleyway.

Covid advice was given to all present who all returned to their own homes.

In another incident in North Ormesby this week a group of youths were involved in anti-social behaviour in Krueger Alley.

Three of the four were recognisable to the wardens and their parents were given Covid advice.

Further bad behaviour has also occurred at Vaughan Shops in Netherfields which has led to an anti-social behaviour contract has been issued alongside one final warning letter and two initial warning letters. The actions add to previous fines issued to parents or guardians of those involved by Cleveland Police.