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Councillor plants a splash of spring colour

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A photo Councillor McTigue and Middlesbrough Council Area Care Operative Paul Neill

A dash of spring colour has been sprinkled across a Middlesbrough ward by its local councillor.

Longlands & Beechwood Councillor Joan McTigue is once again helping to acquire flowers and plants to brighten up the area.

The latest batch of 200 colourful ground cover plants will be planted at the base of road signs in the ward, with the help of Middlesbrough Council's Area Care service.

They've been part-funded  by a former Middlesbrough resident now living in Gibraltar.

Councillor McTigue said: "Cut-backs have meant a lot fewer flowers and bulbs being planted in this town over the last few years, so using part of my Health Scrutiny Panel chair's allowance I have been buying plants and bulbs in bulk for my ward from a wholesaler.

"There is nothing more enticing to would-be residents or investors to see than a town that is colourful and I think it gives the impression that it's looked after.

"Once I have finished Beechwood, I will be moving onto other parts of this ward.

"Any donations, however small will be most welcome, even if it's only poppy seeds."

Cllr McTigue planted more than 2,000 crocus bulbs and 50 rose bushes across her ward in 2019 as part of her ongoing drive to brighten up the area and instil local pride.

And she's been ably assisted in her latest venture by local resident Louise Gill, 10, who has volunteered to water plants near her Beechwood home.

Cllr McTigue added: "All too often we hear bad stories of our young people, so it's nice to know we have young people like Louise too."

Councillor Dennis McCabe, Middlesbrough Council's Executive member for Environment, said: "Another big thank to Cllr McTigue for making a real difference in her ward, and setting an example for others to follow.

"Thanks also to the former resident for their contribution towards the latest batch of plants - they're going to provide a lovely splash of colour following one of the toughest years in living memory."

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