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Deputy mayor makes youth services pledge

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An investment in the future of Middlesbrough's young people has moved a step forward after the Council launched its search for new youth services partners.

Deputy Mayor Antony High is leading the rejuvenation of support for young people in the town, funded in part by £400,000 in savings from a senior management restructure.

A tender process has now commenced ahead of the introduction of street-based youth work and targeted support.

The provision, to be introduced in 2021, will focus on helping young people develop crucial life skills, including building healthy relationships.

The support will also aim to equip young people for the world of work.

Cllr High said: "We're determined to give young people from across the town the best possible start in life.

"They deserve no less than that and we won't rest until they have the services that we can all be proud of.

"This is especially important during the Covid crisis because young people are at the sharp end, seeing their education disrupted and their whole way of life turned upside down."

Successful youth work can ultimately reduce future demand on public services. 

The Council will introduce three separate services:

  • A universal programme open to all young people
  • Targeted work designed to help those at risk of becoming involved in antisocial behaviour or substance abuse
  • Targeted work designed to help young people at times of significant change in their lives, such as leaving primary or secondary school.

Interested suppliers can register their interest on ProContract and search for reference CS001/2020.

The application process closes at 5pm on November 23 2020.

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