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Drop in to find out about dementia during awareness week

People in Middlesbrough are being encouraged to ‘act on dementia’ as the Alzheimer’s Society’s biggest and longest running awareness campaign rolls into action.

During Dementia Action Week experienced professionals will be on hand to speak to those in Middlesbrough concerned that they, or a loved one, are experiencing signs of dementia.

As part of the campaign a drop in facility will be held every day from Monday May 16 to Saturday 21, in shopping centres in the town centre.

People are encouraged to come forward and speak to organisations and professionals who can offer practical advice and information on what steps to take, what to expect during and after a dementia diagnosis, and what support is available.

If you are diagnosed with dementia, getting an assessment as early as possible can be a big advantage as it can help you to understand and manage symptoms, and potentially predict how the dementia might progress.

The Middlesbrough events will be held during the day in the Hillstreet Centre (next to the Muffins Café) and the Cleveland Centre (outside the O2 phone shop).

To find out more, visit the Alzheimer's Society website.