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Education leaders' reading promise for Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough's education leaders have joined forces to make a promise of a co-ordinated push to promote the joy and lifelong benefits of reading.
An event was held in the newly refurbished Crypt at Middlesbrough Town Hall, organised by the Learning Middlesbrough Partnership, which brought together education leaders from across the town.
The event asked attendees to pledge to make reading a priority in Middlesbrough’s schools, improving learning outcomes for students and supporting them to achieve in later life.
The event included a presentation from Steve Munby, former CEO of the National College of School Leadership and now a consultant on education reform.
Pupils from local schools were also invited to perform for the group and share their own ideas on improving reading standards in Middlesbrough.
Not only does the ability to read affect a child’s chance of succeeding later in life, it can also impact on the likelihood of them leading a healthy life, with low reading ability being linked to poor health outcomes.
Middlesbrough’s elected Mayor Dave Budd said: “We know that the ability to read is one of the most important factors in a child’s development, affecting everything from future employability to health.
“Like many parts of the UK, Middlesbrough has its challenges in this area, however we also have a strong network of education professionals committed to improving reading standards across the town to ensure that every child in Middlesbrough is given the opportunity to succeed in later life.
“Middlesbrough’s Reading Promise is our pledge to make reading a priority. We are also asking businesses and families to make this pledge, as collective action will have the greatest benefit for our children.”
Middlesbrough’s Reading Promise is one element of Learning Middlesbrough’s school improvement strategy, which aims to improve the quality of education across Middlesbrough by inspiring schools to succeed, breaking down barriers to learning and ensuring a high quality of training for teachers and school leaders.