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Fly tippers warned to not sleep easy

Fly tippers in Middlesbrough have been warned to not sleep easy after a man was fined for dropping a mattress in Kreuger Alley.

The driver was caught on CCTV with an accomplice making the illegal deposit on the North Ormesby street on Monday, June 15.

The site has long been a hotspot for fly tipping with the issue a nightmare for residents.

Middlesbrough Council's Environmental Enforcement team acted quickly to trace the owner of the Mercedes flat back truck who when invited for formal interview admitted the offence.

He has now been given a fixed penalty of £200, reduced to £120 if paid within ten days.

Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston said: "Stuff like this is absolutely horrible for residents to put up with and the two guys should be ashamed of themselves.

"Our message to anyone thinking of fly tipping is just don't. We will use everything we've got to stop you and if you can't be stopped we'll find you and hit you in the pocket.

"I want to say well done to the Council's Environment Enforcement for acting really quickly and getting this guy fined."

Residents are reminded that householders are responsible for checking they are giving their waste to a registered waste carrier and can do so by looking at the Environment Agency website. If they are unsure they can contact the council.

Fly tipping will be removed from council-maintained land within 24 hours of notification on a normal working day and can be reported online using Report It.

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