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Group show off artistic endeavour at the Cook museum

A talented group of artists show off their creativity at a special show this week.
The Captain Cook Birthplace Museum in Stewart Park has been playing host to the group of service users and volunteers from Volunteering Matters. 
The budding artists were inspired by contemporary images of the sites associated with Cook from around the world as part of the museum’s current Cook’s Sites exhibition displays 
In response to these large and vibrant photographs in the main gallery, the group – who suffer from dementia - set about creating their own watercolours of places associated with Cook around Yorkshire and North East and Yorkshire.
Most of the participants who attended the series of five workshops had an interest in art, but many had never used watercolours before. 
Under the expert guidance of watercolour tutor Andy Taylor, everyone quickly began to get a feel for the techniques that they were taught. 
Jeff, one of the participants, commented that the only thing he had ever painted before was ceilings and walls!  
Andy’s easy-to-follow instructions created a relaxed and calming atmosphere where everyone could concentrate and draw upon their memories of what the places in the pictures meant to them.
Many of the group have now gone on to further watercolour workshops or have even bought their own materials to continue painting at home. 
Museums Access Officer Jenny Phillips said: “Everyone who took part progressed quickly and enthusiastically over the weeks to create their own landscape image.
“All the amazing artwork can be seen on display in the museum’s main galleries for all to see. 
“The whole project has been a great success for dementia sufferers as well as their families and befrienders.”

  • Watercolour tutor Andy Taylor will meet up with the group to see their artwork on display at the Captain Cook Birthplace Museum on Thursday, July 19 at 10.30am. Press are welcome to come and photograph the participants and their work.