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Huge support for Southgate to be awarded freedom of Middlesbrough

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There is huge support for England manager Gareth Southgate to be awarded the Freedom of Middlesbrough.

A total of 1,768 voted in an online poll on the Middlesbrough Council website, with 89.5% in favour.

Mayor Andy Preston launched the poll after a motion was submitted to the Council by Cllr Matthew Storey.

Mayor Preston said today: "There's resounding support for Gareth to be awarded Freedom of the Borough - thanks to everyone who had their say.

"Thanks too to Matt for submitting the motion to Council. A great idea and exactly the right thing to do.

"Middlesbrough should be proud of our links to Gareth and this award will be a great way to strengthen them."

Cllr Storey said: "It's great to see there is overwhelming backing from people taking part in the poll.

"Gareth Southgate fully deserves this honour for the way he conducts himself and leads our national team.

"He truly represents the best of our country and I will be proud to put the motion to Council later this month."

The motion will be debated and voted on at the next meeting of Council on July 28.

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