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Hundreds of issues tackled by Street Wardens

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Middlesbrough's helpful street wardens have once again been going above and beyond - even pushing a pensioner on a broken down mobility scooter back to his home.

A round-up of the Neighbourhood Safety Wardens' actions to keep Middlesbrough residents safe in the last month has been drawn up which includes both scores of good deeds as well as necessary enforcement action.

It comes as new figures are released to show the team has issued 636 warnings and 58 Fixed Penalty Notices during the last six months.

Incidents dealt with in the last month however include:

  • Inconsiderate parking outside Middlesbrough schools
  • Advising town centre shoppers on social distancing
  • Youths with fireworks in Captain Cook Square
  • Engaged with and dispersed group of youngsters at Acklam Park
  • Directed people loitering and begging in the town centre to where they can get food and assistance
  • Educated young dog walkers on picking up dog mess
  • Reported fly-tipping incidents at sites across the town
  • Responded to an issue of domestic violence and made a referral to My Sisters Place
  • Proactive patrols at sites across the town including in Linthorpe Cemetery, Viewley Hill Shopping Centre, Teesside Crematorium and Tollesby Bridge
  • Numerous incidents of assisting intoxicated people
  • Referred a number of issues observed during proactive patrols to Trading Standards

The Neighbourhood Safety team are also always on hand to help elderly people. Two notable incidents in the last month include one where they assisted a woman who was having trouble walking back to her car. She explained she was on dialysis and should have been on her scooter.

In another they helped an older gentleman whose mobility scooter had broken down. Two Neighbourhood Safety Officers pushed the man on his scooter all the way home.

Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston said: "The Street Wardens are dealing with hundreds and hundreds of issues every week and so much of it is just about helping people.

"Some of these incidents show just how willing the team are to go above and beyond to keep Middlesbrough people safe - whether they are vulnerable or potential victims - and improve our communities in all sorts of ways.

"They are not just helping people and intervening in issues of bad behaviour but also working with the Council's environmental team, Trading Standards and partners such as Cleveland Police and various charitable organisations offering help and assistance to the most vulnerable and at risk people in Middlesbrough."

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