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'Idiotic' fly-tippers hit with hefty fines

Fly tipping on Ayresome Park Road

Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston today welcomed hefty fines for ‘idiotic’ fly-tippers caught red-handed.

The brazen law-breakers were either caught on camera or left their details in the goods they dumped, allowing investigators to track them down.

They’re the latest successes welcomed by Mayor Preston in the ongoing crackdown by the Council’s Environmental Neighbourhood Safety Team (ENST) against the blight on the environment.

A Middlesbrough ward Councillor reported an incident of fly-tipping on Ayresome Park Road to the ENST on November 15, and when officers investigated they were able to identify the perpetrator.

A door-step interview under PACE was undertaken with the alleged offender who admitted dumping the waste in the back alley, and subsequently paid a £400 Fix Penalty Notice (FPN) in full.

In an earlier incident on October 14, Environmental Wardens received a report of a driver dumping a chair and a box of tiles on a service road to the rear of Exchange Walk in central Middlesbrough.

During a PACE interview the registered keeper of the vehicle claimed the waste had been unloaded and left in the expectation that it would be removed later by a friend.

The driver was subsequently issued with a £400 Fixed Penalty Notice which has since been paid in full.

Fly-tippers face a Fixed Penalty Notice of £400 if caught, while failing to ensure waste is disposed of legally can land a householder with a fine of between £150 and £300.

Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston said: “This is more great work by the Neighbourhood Safety Team, and I’m pretty sure those caught won’t be making the same mistake again.

“Fly-tipping is idiotic behaviour and a selfish blight on our communities, and we’re determined to stamp it out.”

Anyone with information on fly-tippers is asked to contact the Council’s contact centre on 01642 726001. Anti-social behaviour, fly-tipping and dozens of other offences can also be reported online.

Middlesbrough Council offers a safe, free or inexpensive bulky waste collection service. For more information and to request a collection, visit the bulky waste page or call 01642 726001.

Residents can also book online to dispose of large items at the Household Waste and Recycling Centre at Haverton Hill. There is no charge for residents but fees apply for businesses.