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Let's get ahead of the game and wear masks

Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston has repeated his plea for the town to "get ahead of the game" and start wearing face masks immediately.

Last night Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that facial coverings would need to be worn in shops by law from Friday, July 24.

The change was predicted last week by Mayor Preston who has today repeated his plea for people in Middlesbrough to start wearing masks straight away. The message has also been echoed by Middlesbrough's Director of Public Health Mark Adams who called for a "team effort".


Middlesbrough Council has already had face coverings produced locally bearing the legend #UTB which it is giving away for free in the town centre.

Mr Preston said: "Covid is on the retreat right now but it's definitely coming back.

"I want Middlesbrough to be ahead of the game and start doing it now we will save local lives and protect local jobs.

"If you are using any public buildings, going to the shops or anywhere where you are close to people and you can't control how near they get cover your face it could save your life and save the lives of others."

Mr Adams added: "Scientific advice on the use of face coverings increasingly supports their use in stopping the spread of Covid-19.

"By wearing a face covering in public places, people around Middlesbrough can protect themselves and importantly everyone else they come into contact with.

"You can support people working hard in shops by making their environment that little bit safer, and be part of our team effort, helping to build a sustainable recovery for Middlesbrough and avoid a further lockdown.

"It is a culture shift for communities around the country, but small changes in our behaviour can make such a difference.  Show you care - wear a face covering."

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