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Litter-picking duo keep it in the family

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A mother and daughter team have won praise for tackling a rash of roadside rubbish.

The enterprising duo decided they'd had enough of the eyesore littering beside Middlesbrough's Trunk Road at Longlands - so they shifted it themselves.

And their public-spirited actions have won praise from a Middlesbrough Councillor who has campaigned against the scourge of fly-tipping.

Mum Karen Foster and daughter Michelle Hendricks decided to devote Lent to clearing up the mountain of waste that had built up along the Trunk Road.

And for over six weeks the duo visited daily, filling hundreds of sacks of refuse and recycling, with neighbours helping out with spare bin capacity in their weekly collections.

Karen, from Berwick Hills, said: "We always try to do something for Lent, and this year we noticed the rubbish along the Trunk Road bridge was an absolute eyesore.

"It's just been used as a tip by fly-tippers - there were black bin bags there and even needles.

"It's actually been therapeutic, and it's something we're going to carry on doing around our area."

Longlands and Beechwood ward Councillor Joan McTigue said: "Like most towns, Middlesbrough is plagued by fly-tippers and litter louts, but we can turn the tide on them if we all work together.

"I just happened to be driving past and saw Karen and Michelle at work, and felt they deserved some thanks and public recognition.

"What they have done is amazing, and sets a fantastic example for others to follow and I'm sure the residents of Berwick Hills will appreciate all their hard work.

"I'd also like to think that such public-spirited action will make those tempted to litter or fly-tip think twice about their actions."

Anyone with information on fly-tipping contact Middlesbrough Council's contact centre on 01642 726001. Anti-social behaviour, fly-tipping and dozens of other offences can also be reported online.

A photo of Karen Foster litter pickingA photo of Michelle Hendricks litter picking

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