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Middlesbrough main road becomes tree-lined street

Tree planting

A Middlesbrough main thoroughfare is to become a tree-lined lung for the east of the town.

Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston and councillor colleagues visited College Road in Thorntree and to check on the planting progress.

A total of 49 cherry blossom trees - including different varieties - are being planted on the road by Middlesbrough Council as part of wider environmental improvements in the town.

Mr Preston said similar schemes would be happening "all over Middlesbrough".

The town was named a "Tree City of the World" earlier this year for its commitment to urban forestry and a 14-point plan has been approved by the authority to further the town's green agenda.

"The idea came from a really hot night when I was on College Road with Cllr Graham Wilson chatting to residents and we came up with the idea," said Mr Preston.

"Trees are brilliant, they look fantastic, they're great for mental health and every single mature tree absorbs 20 kilos of carbon from the air.

"We're going to do this all over the town, we're going to do great things to make the town look and feel better all over Middlesbrough."

Cllr Graham Wilson said: "I looked at College Road and thought to myself ‘what an ideal road for a line of trees'. I spoke to some residents they had similar thoughts so I contacted the Mayor and now here we have a road with a line of cherry blossom trees. When they are in bloom are brilliant and colourful and will brighten College Road up so long as they left to grow and not damaged."

Cllr Janet Thompson added: "It's great to see new trees being planted in my ward, I've had lots of positive feedback from residents. We can never have enough trees particularly considering the contribution they make to reducing carbon."

Approved schemes to improve the Middlesbrough environment in the 2021-22 financial year include:

  • Sewing 30,000m2 of wild flowers;
  • Planting 15,000 trees;
  • Installation of bee hives across Middlesbrough with a ‘Buzz in Boro' guide;
  • Purchase electric vehicles to replace fossil fuelled vehicles;
  • Designation of Lower Ormesby Beck as a nature reserve; and
  • Extra work to improve recycling rates.

Also in the plan is work to roll out climate change training to all council employees, work with business to reduce commercial waste and increase recycling and methods to measure and monitor the town's carbon output.