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More CCTV to be used to fight bad behaviour

Middlesbrough's CCTV network is to be expanded across the town's communities to aid the fight against anti-social behaviour and fly-tipping.

New cameras are being sited in areas including Easterside, Newport, Hemlington and Berwick Hills and Pallister by Middlesbrough Council and partners in the continued effort to clamp down on bad behaviour.

Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston today welcomed the news and warned perpetrators "we'll throw absolutely everything at stopping you bringing this town down".

In Newport the Council has received reports from residents that people have been fly tipping, rummaging in bins, drug dealing and taking, committing other anti-social behaviour and littering.

In Berwick Hills and Pallister issues have been raised of young people setting fires, damaging property, being abusive, throwing missiles and causing general disorder.

Easterside has also been highlighted as having a number of issues, particularly in the Broughton Avenue area.

Hemlington has seen gang nuisance, general anti-social behaviour, drug dealing, drug taking and associated violence.

Mr Preston said: "CCTV is really useful in catching people doing all this awful stuff which any right thinking person hates happening on their doorstep.

"We've already taken loads of action against people including using the courts where we've had to and we won't stop - we'll throw absolutely every at stopping bad people bringing this town down.

"People have had enough and we hope that those who would commit this bad behaviour think again and if they don't we'll take action."

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