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Motorists warned of likely delays

Motorists are being advised of temporary traffic management arrangements being put in place this week at a busy Middlesbrough junction.

As part of the ongoing works at the junction of Dixons Bank and Stainton Way, upgraded traffic signals are due to be installed.

The improvements will mean traffic management measures at the site beginning on the evening of Wednesday, July 24.

The result is that there will be no dedicated/separate right turn manoeuvres from Stainton Way. Vehicles turning right will do so via the existing "straight ahead" outside lanes. Each leg of the junction will be given a dedicated green phase to complete straight ahead/right turns simultaneously. 

Left turn movements will be maintained on the existing "give way" basis. Single lane flows may be required on occasion to accommodate safe working spaces.

The measures are expected to be in place for six weeks and motorists are advised to either allow extra time for their journeys or to avoid the junction completely.

A spokesman for Middlesbrough Council said: "The Council is keen to minimise the disruption to traffic through this major intersection and as a result, the works have been scheduled for the summer holidays when traffic levels are lower.

"It has also enabled the Council to minimise the extent of the phasing on the junction to maintain maximum possible flows, while ensuring safety for all concerned.

"However, throughout the operation delays are unfortunately inevitable due to the volume of traffic using this stretch of carriageway, even allowing for the school summer break.

"Drivers are therefore advised to allow additional time for their journey or, if possible, avoid the junction completely for the duration of the works."