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Nunthorpe Grange future development

Local residents are being asked for their views on the future development of Nunthorpe Grange.

Their input will help to shape a number of proposed developments set to take place over the coming years.

While any proposal will be subject to the normal planning approval process, the input of the local community at an early stage can help to mitigate long-term impacts, for example on traffic levels or the environment.

Recent developments are also taken into consideration as part of the consultation process.

In the first phase, all proposals currently under way from landowners, developers and private companies will be set out to make the community aware of progress being made.

View a plan showing all of the proposed developments.

Local groups and organisations will be invited to give their views on the overall set of proposals, and to work alongside the Council to engage people in debate.

Infrastructure issues will be considered in the next stage, with a view to addressing key issues such as transport investment and environmental quality, and ensuring that any proposals reflect local need.

Finally the overall plans will be presented back to the community, probably in September.

No housing proposals will be brought forward on the Council's own site at Nunthorpe Grange until the consultation process is complete.

Councillor Ashley Waters Middlesbrough Council's Executive member for Regeneration, said: "I'm delighted that the Council, Councillors and our Mayor have listened to the people of this town and delivered the promised consultation and engagement process.

"We need to make sure that we balance the concerns of residents against the interests of developers to ensure that the people of Nunthorpe get the services that they have been promised for so long.

"Having an open consultation and working with residents and groups within Nunthorpe, we will show that as a council we are listening and working to deliver the best possible outcome."

To take part in the first stage of the Nunthorpe Grange consultation:

Feed comments in to the leaders of local organisations such as:

  • Nunthorpe Parish Council
  • Nunthorpe Community Council
  • The Nunthorpe Institute
  • Nunthorpe and Marton Playing Fields Association
  • Our Greenways
  • Middlesbrough Alternative Planning Partnership
  • The Avenue School (on behalf of all Nunthorpe primary schools)
  • local Councillors
  • Simon Clarke MP

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