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Order tackling town centre crime extended for three years

Measures to crackdown on crime and anti-social behaviour in Middlesbrough town centre have been extended.

A public spaces protection order (PSPO) was introduced three years ago in the TS1 area, designed to stamp out bad behaviour caused by individuals and gangs of troublemakers.

The council launched a public consultation to gauge what residents and businesses thought about extending the PSPO, which prohibits things like street drinking and drug taking, begging and littering.

Almost 300 responded – with more than 95% agreeing the order should be put in place for another three years.

And 85% backed proposals to prohibit bin rummaging and 'chugging' – the practice of asking people to donate money or sign up to charitable schemes without a proper licence.

The council's Executive Member for Neighbourhood Safety Tony Grainge adopted the new PSPO at a meeting last week.

Mayor of Middlesbrough Andy Preston said: “We’re all totally sick of morons polluting the streets and making people’s lives hell.

“Stopping the idiots from causing trouble and misery isn’t easy. But we are doing what we can and the PSPO increases our ability to fight back and get people punished for bad behaviour.

“Middlesbrough, like everywhere, has problems but bit by bit we’re making progress - we now want to speed that up. Hopefully we can chase the troublemakers out of Middlesbrough completely.

“Our town centre is becoming a much better place in which to live, work and play and I’m determined to see it boom.”

The PSPO already allows Fixed Penalty Notices to be given out for things like urinating, spitting and failing to control or pick up after a dog. Those who do not pay Fixed Penalty Notices can be prosecuted.

The order also bans large gangs gathering to cause harassment, alarm or distress to others – while those causing damage to property or public nuisance on bikes, scooters or skateboards are also targeted under the scheme.