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Public asked for topics to be put under microscope

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Middlesbrough residents are being asked to put forward the issues that matter to them which can be scrutinised to help inform council policy.

The scrutiny process involves Middlesbrough's elected councillors examining any topic which impacts on the local area.

This often relates to Council services, but the process can also involve other relevant organisations and bodies.

Scrutiny ensures that the decisions taken by the Council and its partners are appropriate. It creates an open, transparent way for elected members to shape, question, evaluate and challenge policies, decisions and performance.

At the end of the exercise an investigation report is prepared, which summarises the scrutiny panel's findings and puts forward recommendations to make Middlesbrough a better place to live and work.

Members of the public are invited to put forward suggestions and ideas for topics for inclusion in the scrutiny work programme.

As a general rule, topics should relate to community issues that affect the people of the borough. Please note that while all suggestions will be considered by the relevant scrutiny panel, it cannot be guaranteed that any topic put forward will be agreed for examination - each panel will agree a manageable number of topics for the year ahead. 

Some examples of recent scrutiny investigations include:

  • addressing poverty issues and the impact on learning
  • pest control
  • physical activity for older people (aged 65+)
  • reducing opioid dependency
  • social cohesion

The Overview and Scrutiny Board and the scrutiny panels will be deciding which topics they wish to investigate based on suggestions from a variety of sources, including your suggestions.

So if you would like to have your say, please email or by Friday, May 14 2021 and identify your:

  • suggested topics for scrutiny review; and
  • reasons for suggesting the topics.

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