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Review of traffic calming measures in Acklam

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Traffic calming measures on a Middlesbrough estate are to be reviewed in the new year.

In October Middlesbrough Council installed a temporary road closure at the junction of St Mary's Walk and Church Lane in Acklam.

The move followed long standing concerns over traffic levels, speeding and road safety and was intended to be in place for six months while driver behaviour was monitored and assessed.

However initial surveys from neighbouring side streets have shown increased traffic levels and speeding.

As a result the temporary closure of St Mary's Walk and Church Lane will be ended in early January and the route reopened.

Subsequently residents in the area will be contacted and surveyed on alternative traffic calming measures.

A letter has today been sent to residents informing them of the decision and that any future proposed scheme will be amended from that  which was previously consulted on; comprising a smaller number of speed cushions and chicanes / build outs, to reduce speeds in the area and discourage ‘through traffic'.

The Council will also be undertaking a large-scale origin/destination survey, looking at all entry and exit points to the estate. This will help to ascertain the true levels of ‘through traffic' and will inform whether additional measures are required.

Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston said: "I will always listen to people and try to help.

"We temporarily closed a road to help calm traffic in that part of Acklam but this led to problems on other roads - and local residents have made it clear that they're not happy about this.

"I met with locals twice and we shared ideas. I'm now very happy to say that after listening to locals we've reopened the road and council staff are relooking at the traffic problems here with Cllr Ashley Waters. We will find a great solution."