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Road Safety Hero Sue urges drivers to 'slow down and think'

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An image of the road safety hero Sue Murray holding up a road safety crossing sign.Sue Murray is a true Road Safety Hero.

The Middlesbrough grandmother has been a school crossing patroller in the town for more than three decades.

And as we mark Road Safety Week, the 66-year-old has urged drivers to be more mindful of pedestrians, especially children.

Sue is drawing on all her experience to encourage children to stay safe on the roads - and for drivers to show patience and understanding.

After 37 years with the council, Sue is set to retire in December to spend more time with her husband and family.

"I love the job - you're out on your own, doing your job in the fresh air and meeting different people," she continued.

"I've watched kids grow up right from reception to going to secondary school.

"I see parents now from when I was a dinner nanny at Whinney Banks, they're bringing their kids to school and I'm helping them cross the road.

"My own two kids came to this school, and my granddaughter is here now. It's really lovely to be able to help them."

This year, road safety charity Brake is celebrating Road Safety Heroes like Sue as part of the national Road Safety Week.

Analysis of official statistics by Brake show that someone is killed or seriously injured on the UK's roads every 22 minutes.

In Middlesbrough in 2019, the last full year of statistics not skewed by lockdowns, there were 190 road accidents - two of which were fatal.

Asked if she had one message for motorists, what would it be?

"Have some patience, slow down and think. Before it's too late," continued Sue.

"It only takes one person to cause an accident, and that person could be you."