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Schools welcome to accompany classical music offer

Middlesbrough’s musical education programme for young people is to hit the road due to the refurbishment of the Town Hall.

A host of fun and interactive music opportunities are available for local schools through the Accompany programme.

The programme offers a variety of workshops, concerts and special projects to complement curriculum topics and through funding from Arts Council England can be provided at excellent value.

During the temporary closure of Middlesbrough Town Hall for refurbishment many of these opportunities can take place within schools.

The theme for 2017 is Scott Joplin, the African-American composer and pianist who died 100 years ago in 1917. Known as the ‘King of Ragtime’, Joplin was the foremost composer of the genre in the early 20th Century, known for music like The Entertainer and the Maple Leaf Rag.

Among the opportunities available are:

  • Concerts for minis! – A short, live and interactive classical music concert aimed at three to five-year-olds. Classical music has been proven to have a calming influence on children of all ages. This involves a flute, a harp and a cello trio playing in school and children can have a closer look at the instruments at the end.
  • Sing and play Scott Joplin – Aimed at Key Stage 1 and lower Key Stage 2, these workshops aim to help children learn about the ‘King of Ragtime’ Scott Joplin, in the year which marks the centenary of his death, including the historical influences on his music. Also offers the chance to learn songs and create music using tuned and un-tuned instruments.
  • Make a silent movie with live music – For higher Key Stage 2 and lower Key Stage 3. In these workshops children will make their own silent movie while using Scott Joplin as the inspiration for the soundtrack.
  • Workshops and concert by a professional string quartet – For higher Key Stage 2 and lower Key Stage 3. Involves a two-hour lesson plan delivered by Accompany and a school teacher with history lessons on his music, musical games and activities, followed by a 45-minute concert performance by a professional string quartet and piano and the children will take part by singing the songs they have learnt in the workshop.

For more information about any of the offers contact Rebecca Johnson, Middlesbrough Town Hall Learning and Participation Officer (Music) at or on 01642 729076 (Mondays and Fridays).