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Stay safe - Coronavirus hasn't gone away

Middlesbrough residents are being sent a thank you for their sacrifices in the fight against Coronavirus and a reminder of how to continue keeping safe.

A team made up of Middlesbrough Council staff, councillors, volunteers and partner agencies including MFC Foundation are delivering leaflets to every home in the town over the coming days with the important message that "Coronavirus hasn't gone away".

The leaflet contains key reminders about the continued importance of hand washing and social distancing as well as information on Coronavirus testing and support available for any issue residents might be facing.

It also informs people that from July Middlesbrough Council will be offering temperature tests in public places to help avoid the spread of Coronavirus.

Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston said: "People across Middlesbrough have made lots of sacrifices and I'd like to thank you for everything you've done.

"It's encouraging that the rate of infection appears to be slowing, but the risks from the Coronavirus haven't gone away.

"And as more restrictions are relaxed, it's more important than ever that you protect yourself and everyone else.

"It's still vital to wash your hands regularly, stay at home as much as possible and keep your distance from others when outside.

"You can be part of a town-wide team effort to further slow the spread of infection.

"All of your actions have an impact on everyone else in Middlesbrough. Please consider your family, neighbours and everyone working in the NHS and our social care system."

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