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Town's young people - Your Future Matters!

Middlesbrough's young people are being urged to look beyond Covid-19 and begin building their dream future.

A new campaign has been launched by Middlesbrough Council to encourage the town's youngsters to look into all the education and career opportunities available.

Your Future Matters includes a website which points to all the choices available including further education and apprenticeships.

It also has a "mythbusting" section explaining some common misconceptions around the various choices available to young people as well as answering specific concerns around Coronavirus.

Your Future Matters has also been endorsed by prominent Middlesbrough people who love what they do and want to encourage the next generation to chase their dreams.

Among those offering their encouragement and advice is Olivia McHale, Digital Content Executive for Crafter's Companion and blogger for the Northernist.

She said: "Take any opportunity that comes your way. You just don't know where it could lead and you regret 100% of the shots you don't take."

Donna Smith from Donna Smith Makeup added: "It's ok not to know exactly what you want to be when you're older. Just continue to educate yourself, travel and have amazing life experiences which will mould you into the person you will eventually find you want to be."

Paul Swalwell, a school Business Manager, said: "I had some great teachers and some influential managers but my friend's mum who used to be a headteacher at a local primary school taught me to value what I could do and to work hard at being the best I could be. These are valuable lessons for anyone."

Visit the Your Future Matters page now.

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