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Violent and foul-mouthed nuisance jailed

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A violent, foul-mouthed nuisance who spat and threw horrendous abuse at council workers who had tried to help him with housing and drug rehabilitation has been jailed.

Jonathan Ambrose was given an Anti-social Behaviour Injunction at Teesside County Court six weeks ago after consistent attempts to offer him support had failed to change his behaviour.

Warning letters were issued to the 30-year-old, of Park Road North, Middlesbrough, in September and October in a vain attempt to stop him begging and issuing a torrent of foul and abusive language towards members of the public and council officers - who he also spat at.

However, Ambrose has gone on to breach the order issued in September on eight separate occasions.

In the first breach on September 24 committed outside Manjaro's on Linthorpe Road, Ambrose was approached by two Middlesbrough Council Neighbourhood Safety Wardens at whom he screamed "f***ing stupid f***ing false c***s" and "f*** off you f***ing mugs".

He then forcefully punched the closed metal shutters of a shop unit before shouting "you're a f***ing k**b mate" and "I f***ing hate youse (sic), I hope you f***ing drop dead you f***ing old b*****d."

Much of this foul language was shouted in very close proximity to members of the public, including passing parents with very young children.

The next six incidents occurred between October 11 and October 21 and followed a similar pattern of foul-mouthed abuse towards the Street Wardens who were trying to offer help and support.

On one occasion captured on body-worn CCTV the wardens approached Ambrose to remind him of an appointment that had been made for him with homelessness support services, only for Ambrose to run at one of the wardens with his arm cocked behind his head, holding a full rolled up sleeping bag in his hand by the strap, in a clear and unambiguous motion of threatening to hit him with the sleeping bag, before stopping at the last second and then walking away, shouting more abuse as he did so.

Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston said: "It speaks volumes for our wardens that despite the abuse and threatening behaviour they receive from this individual they will not give up on him and continue to try and support him.

"He clearly has difficulties and issues to address but this kind of awful behaviour against decent council staff trying to help and passing members of the public is completely unacceptable."

Ambrose was originally due back before the County Court to answer to the breaches on Thursday, November 4, however he failed to attend and so a warrant was issued for his arrest. He was subsequently arrested by police, who brought him before the court on Tuesday, November 9.

He admitted eight breaches of the injunction order and has been sentenced to 12 weeks in prison.

On his release the original 12-month injunction banning him from begging in Middlesbrough and from verbally abusing and threatening other people will remain in place. He is also banned from throwing missiles at people, buildings or vehicles.