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Maternal, Infant and Child Health (MICH) Strategic Partnership


The South Tees Maternal, Infant and Child Health partnership (MICH) aims to provide children aged 0-5 with the best start in life. This leads to improved health in both the child and their family.

Areas of work

Areas which MICH focuses on include:

  1. Promoting healthy weight in pregnancy and early childhood, including developing programmes to improve physical activity and healthy eating in pregnancy and the early years.
  2. Supporting the transition to parenthood and Health, wellbeing and development of child age two, focussing on secure attachment and bonding, cognitive development and behavioural issues. The remit will also cover parenting programmes and approaches to reduce risk factors such as domestic abuse.
  3. Reducing the rates of mothers smoking during and after their pregnancy.
  4. Maternal mental health, including the impacts of mental and emotional wellbeing during pregnancy and in the early stages of motherhood (perinatal mental health).
  5. Reducing the harms caused by substance misuse in pregnancy and also the impact of parental substance misuse on those children under the age of five. The main focus of the group is to develop approaches to prevent Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.
  6. Infant feeding and the impacts of both breastfeeding and using infant formula on maternal infant and child health. The key focus of this group is improving breastfeeding initiation rates and continuation of breast feeding at 6-8 weeks.

Latest progress

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