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Worried about a child

About the Safeguarding Service

Safeguarding Service aims and objectives


  • Ensure children are protected from harm and support safe parenting
  • Manage child protection services
  • Improve the children's ability to learn and improve education and training outcomes for looked after children
  • Work with children and families to ensure the best start for children, in relation to health, family support and early learning childcare provision

  • Manage the childcare market in Middlesbrough by maintaining an overview and identifying gaps and trends
  • Ensure childcare is of a high quality and is compliant with national standards
  • Develop the childcare workforce through recruitment, training and the ongoing provision of information advice and guidance
  • Provide assessment, care planning and management and support services to children, young people and families defined as 'in need' under the terms of the Children Act 1989

  • Commission and provide children's residential care
  • Provide family support including advice, counselling and therapeutic intervention
  • Recruit, train and support foster carers and adopters
  • Provide financial and practical support to care leavers
  • Provide respite care and support services to children with disabilities and their families
  • Implement extended nursery provision
  • Implement the Parenting Strategy
  • Develop Phase 3 of the Children's Centres Programme