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Fair Processing Notice - Community Regeneration service

The contact information you provide to Middlesbrough Council's Community Regeneration service will be used to contact you about local Community Regeneration matters and events.

The Community Regeneration service may share your contact information with other Middlesbrough Council services who wish to contact you about matters concerning the community you live in, for instance about consultation on any proposed council strategies that may affect you.

In some instances our local partner organisations, such as the National Health Service, with whom from time to time we work on joint initiatives, may request contact details of local community citizens with whom they too wish to consult on local matters. We would only ever disclose your contact details to our local partner agencies if we were sure that their purpose was compatible with community regeneration and that they had secure arrangements to process your contact data.

If you have any concerns about how your contact data may be used, or wish to limit its use, in the first instance please inform your local Community Regeneration team.

The Middlesbrough Council Community Regeneration service processes your personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. If you want to know more about the information Middlesbrough Council holds about you, or the way the council uses that information, please contact:

Data Protection Officer
Phone: 01642 729686
Legal & Democratic Services
Town Hall
PO BOX 503