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Strategies, performance, plans and policies

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Affordable Warmth Action Plan

Children and Young People's Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (last updated: November 2018)

Code of corporate governance (last updated: February 2018)

Consultation and Engagement Policy (last updated: 2020)

Corporate Sustainability Policy

Council performance and risk update - Overview and scrutiny board (last updated: May 2013)

Cycle Parking Policy

Cycling Strategy (last updated: February 2012)

Data Quality Policy (last updated: September 2009)

Preventing domestic abuse strategy 2019 to 2021

Environment Service Standards (last updated: February 2012)

Executive Digital Strategy 2018 - 2022

Equality Monitoring Policy 2017-20

Equality policy 2017-20

Fostering statement of purpose

Green Spaces Strategy (2007-2012)

Green House Gas Emission Report (2012-2013)

Healthwatch Summary Report (last updated: July 2012)


Homelessness - temporary accommodation out of area placement policy (2019)

Homelessness and community support needs assessment (2018)

Homelessness review (last updated: 2013)

Middlesbrough supported housing needs assessment (2019)

Middlesbrough rough sleeper strategy 2019 to 2020 and homelessness prevention strategy 2015 to 2020 (last updated: 2019)

No Second Night Out policy

Severe weather emergency protocol (SWEP) 2020-2021

Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction Claim - council's legal obligation (last updated: August 2014)

Housing Strategy Part 1 (2008-2011)

Housing Strategy Part 2 (2008-2011)

Housing Strategy Update (2008-2011)

Key Performance Indicators Middlesbrough Registration Service (last updated: June 2012)

Middlesbrough Carers Strategy (2009-2019)

Middlesbrough City Centre strategy (2019-2023)

Middlesbrough Council Constitution (last updated: November 2020)

Middlesbrough Flood Risk Management Strategy (last updated: September 2016)

Middlesbrough Sustainable Community Strategy (2008-2023)

Middlesbrough Sustainable Travel Strategy

Monitoring of Hate Incidents Policy

Older Persons Strategic Plan (2007-2017)

Parking Annual Report (last updated: 2015-2016)

Parking Strategy (2015-2020)

Playing Pitch Strategy (last updated: March 2009)

Policy statement on open data

Public Health Annual Report (2015-2016)

Public Health Annual Report (2014-2015)

Public Health Annual Report (2013-2014)

Public information and information requests policy (2019-2022)

Report to the Audit and Governance Committee (last updated: December 2012)

Strategic Plan (2012-2013)

Strategic Plan (2016-2020)

Strategic Plan (2018-2022)

Strategic Plan (2019-2022)

Strategic Plan (2020-2023)

Tees Valley Authorities local standards for sustainable drainage (last updated: July 2017)

Tees Valley Tenancy Strategy (2012-2017. Last updated: March 2014)

Tees Valley Tenancy Strategy Appendix A (2012-2017. Last updated: March 2014)

Tees Valley Tenancy Strategy Appendix B (2012-2017. Last updated: March 2014)

Tree Policy (last updated: 2018)

Vision for Middlesbrough 2025 (last updated: 2016)

Winter Maintenance Plan (2017-2018)

Winter Maintenance Plan (2018-2019)

Winter Maintenance Plan (2019-2020)

Winter Maintenance Plan (2020-2021)

Workforce Monitoring Report (2015-2016)