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Strategies, performance, plans and policies

Affordable Warmth Action Plan

Children and Young People's Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (last updated: November 2018)

Code of corporate governance

Consultation and Engagement Policy

Corporate complaints policy (last updated: September 2021)

Corporate crisis policy 2022 to 2025

Corporate debt write-off policy 2022 to 2025

Council performance and risk update - Overview and scrutiny board (last updated: May 2013)

Cultural strategy

Cycle Parking Policy

Cycling Strategy (last updated: February 2012)

Data Management Policy (last updated: July 2021)

Debt management policy 2021-2024

Domestic abuse safe accommodation strategy 2021 to 2024

Domestic abuse strategy 2019 to 2021

Digital strategy 2018 to 2022

Email policy 2021 to 2024

Equality monitoring policy 2021 to 2024

Equality policy 2021 to 2024

Exceptional hardship policy 2022 to 2025

Fostering statement of purpose

Green Spaces Strategy (2007-2012)

Green House Gas Emission Report (2012-2013)

Healthwatch Summary Report (last updated: July 2012)


Homelessness - temporary accommodation out of area placement policy (2019)

Homelessness and community support needs assessment (2018)

Homelessness review (last updated: 2013)

Middlesbrough supported housing needs assessment (2019)

Middlesbrough rough sleeper strategy 2019 to 2020 and homelessness prevention strategy 2015 to 2020 (last updated: 2019)

No Second Night Out policy

Severe weather emergency protocol (SWEP) 2021-2022

Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction Claim - council's legal obligation (last updated: August 2014)

Housing Strategy Part 1 (2008-2011)

Housing Strategy Part 2 (2008-2011)

Housing Strategy Update (2008-2011)

Key Performance Indicators Middlesbrough Registration Service (last updated: June 2012)

Impact Assessment policy and toolkit 2021

Middlesbrough Carers Strategy (2009-2019)

Middlesbrough City Centre strategy (2019-2023)

Middlesbrough Council Constitution

Middlesbrough Flood Risk Management Strategy (last updated: September 2016)

Middlesbrough Sustainable Community Strategy (2008-2023)

Middlesbrough Sustainable Travel Strategy

Monitoring of Hate Incidents Policy

Older Persons Strategic Plan (2007-2017)

Parking Annual Report (last updated: 2015-2016)

Parking Strategy (2015-2020)

Partnership governance policy 2020

Performance management policy 2020

Playing Pitch Strategy (last updated: March 2009)

Policy statement on open data

Programme and project management policy 2020

Public Health Annual Report (2017-2018)

Public Health Annual Report (2016-2017)

Public Health Annual Report (2015-2016)

Public Health Annual Report (2014-2015)

Public Health Annual Report (2013-2014)

Public information and information requests policy (2022-2025)

Records management policy (2022-2025)

Records retention and disposal schedule (2020/2021)

Report to the Audit and Governance Committee (last updated: December 2012)

Risk and opportunity management policy 2020

Statement of public task 2018-2021

Strategic Plan (2012-2013)

Strategic Plan (2016-2020)

Strategic Plan (2018-2022)

Strategic Plan (2019-2022)

Strategic Plan (2020-2023)

Strategic Plan (2021-2024)

Tees Valley Authorities local standards for sustainable drainage (last updated: July 2017)

Tees Valley Tenancy Strategy (2012-2017. Last updated: March 2014)

Tees Valley Tenancy Strategy Appendix A (2012-2017. Last updated: March 2014)

Tees Valley Tenancy Strategy Appendix B (2012-2017. Last updated: March 2014)

Tree Policy (last updated: 2021)

Vision for Middlesbrough 2025

Winter Maintenance Plan (2017-2018)

Winter Maintenance Plan (2018-2019)

Winter Maintenance Plan (2019-2020)

Winter Maintenance Plan (2020-2021)

Workforce Monitoring Report (2015-2016)