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England is in lockdown. From Wednesday 2 December, lockdown will end and Middlesbrough will move into Tier 3 restrictions.

We welcome petitions and recognise that they are a way for people to let us know their concerns. Petitions may be signed by people who live, work or study in Middlesbrough.

If we receive a petition about an issue which we're already consulting with residents about, the petitions scheme will be suspended for that petition.

Our petition scheme document sets out how petitions can be submitted and explains how we will deal with them. A brief summary is given below.

Responding to petitions

All petitions sent or presented to the council will be acknowledged within 10 working days. The petition organiser will be told what we plan to do with the petition and when they can expect to hear from us again.

When we receive a petition it'll be sent to the relevant director or head of service for consideration, and the petition organiser will be told what, if anything, the council will do in response. If a petition relates to a planning or licensing application, then it'll be sent to the relevant committee for consideration at the time that the application is considered.

If the petition contains more than 100 signatures, the petition organiser will be invited to present the petition to the next meeting of the full council. There, the relevant Executive member will respond to the petition organiser. The petition will then be sent to the relevant director or head of service.

A petition containing more than 750 signatures can request a senior council officer to give evidence at a Scrutiny meeting.

If a petition contains more than 1,500 signatures it will be debated at a meeting of the full council. The petition organiser will be given five minutes to present the petition at the council meeting and it will then be discussed by councillors for a maximum of 15 minutes.

Electronic or e-petitions

Submit an e-petition.

Paper petitions

Petitions should start with the words "We the undersigned call on the council to ....." and should appear at the top of every page of the petition.

The petition must include:

  • A clear and concise statement explaining the subject of the petition. It should also state what action the petitioners wish the council to take.
  • The name, address and signature of those people supporting the petition.

Petitions should be accompanied by contact details, including an address, for the petition organiser. This is the person that the council will reply to.


Petitions are logged and coordinated by the council's Members' Office. The Members' Office can be contacted as follows:

Members' Office
Phone: 01642 729659
Middlesbrough Council 
Members' Office 
PO Box 503 
Town Hall 

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