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Bus lane fines and enforcement

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Bus lane enforcement is carried out by the council in accordance with the Transport Act 2000 (section 144) which allows the enforcement of bus lanes using an 'approved device', i.e. a CCTV camera. Bus lane enforcement began in July 2014.

The council enforces bus lanes by using a fixed camera mounted in the location. The camera records vehicles entering the bus lane to provide evidence of unauthorised use, and recordings are then checked by enforcement staff. When an unauthorised vehicle is detected in a bus lane the council will serve a Penalty Charge Notice on the registered keeper of the vehicle.

The purpose of bus lane enforcement is to remove unauthorised vehicles from bus lanes and:

  • improve bus punctuality
  • improve journey times for bus passengers
  • as a result of those improvements, encourage more people to use bus services to reduce congestion
  • provide a safer lane for cyclists


Pay a bus lane penalty charge notice online.

Bus lane locations

Bus lanes in the town centre are in the following locations and operate at the following times:

Borough Road - at any time

Brentnall Street - at any time

Hartington Road - Monday to Saturday, 7am to 7pm

Newport Road - at any time

Wilson Street - Monday to Sunday, 7am to 7pm

Location of cameras

The photographs at Newport Road show an example of how bus lanes are marked and cameras are signposted.

On approach to the bus lane

Speed camera signage - approaching the bus lane

In the bus lane

Speed camera signage - in the bus lane