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Traffic surveys

Middlesbrough Council's Traffic Surveys Unit specialises in the collection and analysis of transport and survey related data across the Tees Valley. The team is made up of highly experienced traffic enumerators who can carry out both standard and bespoke surveys to suit your needs.

Speed surveys

Measurement of vehicle speeds by hand-held radar device. Vehicle speeds recorded over the required survey time-scale.

Permanent ATC (Automatic Traffic Counter) installation, maintenance and operation

Conducted for periods of one week or more, to record the number of vehicles travelling in each direction. The ATC can record vehicles in up to 13 categories and also record vehicle speed at the same time.

Origin and destination surveys

To determine vehicle movements along a roadway. Useful in determining, for example, which route customers travel to reach a busy Sunday market, to assess if residential routes are used.

Vehicle queue length studies

Queue length surveys are carried out for each lane of each junction arm, and can be coded as per your requirements in vehicle numbers, or in metres / yards / feet. We can also provide delay times in addition to queue lengths, which can help calibrate and validate your model. Car occupancy observations, driver behaviour and any unusual vehicle movements are also recorded and provided to assist with your project.

Parking surveys

To provide an important metric for benchmarking the current parking state and assessing the impact of land and facility use decisions on parking.

PV2 surveys (pedestrian x vehicle)

Footpath surveys. Various town pedestrian movement counts categorised by groups. Retail store and Retail Park customer movements.

Turning counts at junctions and major intersections

A count to provide the turning behaviour of vehicles at a junction, roundabout or interchange.

Journey time surveys by bus, car, walking, cycling

Useful for corridor improvement studies, these surveys can record the total journey time taken by a vehicle between two points.

Congestion monitoring (vehicle speeds, flow and occupancy)

A record of driver behaviour in areas of congestion which can look at average queue lengths, time taken to clear a junction as well as average speeds and levels of occupancy.

Rail and bus punctuality, ticketing and patronage surveys

Record the punctuality of bus, train and coach services, as well as patronage information.

Building footfall surveys

Record the number of pedestrians entering and leaving a building to create a picture of building usage and a potential customer base.

The team uses tried and tested manual counting methods as well as the latest technology, and uses bespoke methods to tackle new challenges.

The above list is a brief description of the team's extensive capabilities. All surveys are analysed to a client's exact requirements.

Past clients have included:

  • Hartlepool Borough Council
  • Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council
  • Stockton Council
  • Darlington Borough Council
  • Mayer Brown
  • Atkins
  • PD Ports
  • SAJ Transport Consultants
  • Wardell Armstong
  • Steer David Gleeve
  • RPS Transport Ltd
  • Mouchel
  • JMP Consultants Ltd
  • Corus
  • Capita Symonds
  • Bestmark Properties Ltd


Before requesting a traffic survey, you can contact us to find out if we hold existing data from a previous survey of the area you are interested in. A charge is made for supplying data from previous traffic surveys.

Address: PO Box 504, Civic Centre, Middlesbrough, TS1 9FY

If we don't have data from a previous survey, the easiest way to request a new survey is by using the online traffic data enquiry form.