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Local Transport Plan

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The third Local Transport Plan (LTP) is based upon the Mayor's Transport Strategy, which sets the vision for transport in Middlesbrough over the next five years and describes how that vision will be delivered through the LTP.

The purpose of the Mayor's Transport Strategy is to facilitate key improvements to transport in the town which will in turn:

  • support economic growth
  • reduce carbon emissions
  • promote equality of opportunity
  • contribute to better health, safety and security
  • improve quality of life and a healthy natural environment

The LTP provides a targeted approach to prioritising transport improvements, addressing the diverse needs of the town and areas within it.

In summary, the LTP:

  • examines the national influences on our future transport strategy
  • sets out the regional and sub-regional context within which the LTP sits
  • summarises problems, issues, interventions and outcomes for key transport priorities
  • details the five year implementation plan to deliver anticipated outcomes
  • sets out how progress will be monitored through a series of key indicators and targets

The Local Transport Plan is currently being updated and the new version will be available in due course.

For more information about Middlesbrough Council's Local Transport Plan, call 01642 728183.

Applications to past funding schemes

Local Pinch Point Fund application - 2013
Additional funding awards from Department for Transport - 2014