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Future development of Nunthorpe Grange

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There are a number of potential developments that are being proposed by different parties for the Nunthorpe Grange area. Some of these may happen soon, whilst others may take many years to come forward.

Although all of these proposed developments would need to go through the town planning system individually, we are keen to ensure that local people are engaged in a process to discuss them all together, and consider ways of mitigating any overall impacts on issues such as traffic or the environment. As part of this, we also need to take into account any recent development that has taken place in the area, and what impact that has had. We are therefore proposing that we undertake the following process:

Stage 1 - July

The first stage would be to set out all of the proposals that have come forward recently from different landowners, developers, private companies and local groups, so that you are aware of everything that is being proposed, and where it is in the process. This would be the start of a two way conversation about how you see them being delivered, and how you would want to be involved in shaping them.

Stage 2 - August/September

The second stage would be to focus on the infrastructure issues arising from the proposed developments, and prepare clear plans to address key issues such as transport investment and environmental quality. We would also focus on the housing that could potentially come forward on the Council owned site in future, and discuss how we can ensure that any proposals reflect local need.

Stage 3 - September

The third stage would be to present the overall plans back to everyone to update you on what will be happening.

Progress in the meantime

As many of these proposals are being put forward by others, some may come forward while the consultation is happening, and may offer you the opportunity to give their views through other routes as well. The Council won’t however bring forward any housing proposals on its own site at Nunthorpe Grange until we have been through this three stage process, and there has been comprehensive engagement over the issues raised.

Starting the consultation

To start the process off, we've produced a plan showing all of the proposed developments, along with an update on where they are in the process. Your views on how you would want to be involved would be appreciated, so we can set up the debates about housing and infrastructure accordingly. We will update the plans on here, if things change during the consultation. We have also invited a number of local groups and organisations to give their views on the overall set of proposals, and to work with us to engage people in debate. Their initial responses will be added to this page as they come forward.

Responding to the first stage of the consultation

There are three key questions, and three key ways of responding:

Question 1
What is the best way of us informing / involving you as an individual in the future stages of the consultation around infrastructure and housing?

Question 2
If you are a member of a group or organisation that would want a say in the future of Nunthorpe, who are you, and how can we contact you?

Question 3
What else should we be taking into account during this consultation?

This will help us provide the best routes for everyone to engage in the next stages.

You can respond to the first stage of the consultation by:

  • completing the online survey
  • posting on the Nunthorpe Vision Facebook page
  • emailing
  • feeding comments in to the leaders of local organisations such as:
    • Nunthorpe Parish Council
    • Nunthorpe Community Council
    • The Nunthorpe Institute
    • Nunthorpe and Marton Playing Fields Association
    • Our Greenways
    • Middlesbrough Alternative Planning Partnership
    • The Avenue School (on behalf of all Nunthorpe primary schools)
    • local Councillors
    • Simon Clarke MP

If you do not wish to hear from Middlesbrough Council about future stages of consultation in relation to Nunthorpe please state within your consultation response.

The closing date for the first stage of consultation was Friday 31 July 2020.

How we collect and use information

Any personal information provided as part of this consultation and within any supporting documentation will be used solely to inform our housing growth plans for Nunthorpe Grange and will be destroyed when it is no longer required for this purpose.

For more information on how we use your personal data please read our privacy notice.

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