Social housing

Housing concern

To report housing concern issues, please complete the online form. Issues you can report include:

  • Disrepair in your rented house, where you have reported it to your landlord, and they have not fixed the issue in a reasonable amount of time. (For tenants of private landlords and Housing Associations reporting disrepair, in most cases it is expected that the landlord has been made aware of the disrepair in writing prior to lodging a complaint with the council, and that any complaints procedure that Housing Associations operate have been accessed).
  • Overcrowding concerns either relating to the property you live in, or overcrowding you're aware of in another property.
  • An eviction from privately rented accommodation which you think was unlawful. You can get advice before you're evicted from Thirteen's housing advice service by calling 0300 111 1000.
  • A property that is open to unlawful access.
  • An eyesore property which is occupied or empty.