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Nunthorpe Commitments

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The Mayor of Middlesbrough Andy Preston is making the following commitments to the people of Nunthorpe. These will be discussed with local people, and local groups, and taken to Executive for formal endorsement in the next few months.

Nunthorpe Commitments

Housing development

  1. Housebuilding on Nunthorpe Grange will be limited to a maximum of 250 houses, as stated in the Local Plan (rather than 350 houses or any of the other higher figures previously considered.)
  2. A proportion of the housing at Nunthorpe Grange will be bungalows.
  3. Prohibit the commencement of house-building on the Council-owned land at Nunthorpe Grange until a Nunthorpe Infrastructure Plan is in place.
  4. Prohibit access to new housing at Nunthorpe Grange from either Guisborough Road or Stokesley Road.
  5. Prohibit all future sales of Council-owned land for housing development in Nunthorpe Parish, beyond those already in the Local Plan.
  6. Ensure that all planning applications to develop privately-owned land in Nunthorpe Parish are robustly challenged.

Community amenities

  1. Identify and transfer land to the Nunthorpe community for a community building; and fund a revised road access for a Community Centre / Medical Centre (if granted planning permission).
  2. Provide funding for construction of a Community Centre, with an application for planning permission submitted no later than December 2021.
  3. Implement appropriate designation of land to ensure long-term protection of green spaces and wildlife, including: transfer of land for use as community gardens / open parkland / woodland, and establishment of a no-housebuilding zone south of the A1043 bypass.
  4. Jointly explore potential land exchanges within Nunthorpe Grange to facilitate improved community access / enjoyment.
  5. Confirm that the provision of space for sport will be retained at the current level, or, if possible, enhanced.

Community support

  1. Ensure the active prior participation by Nunthorpe Parish Council in the identification / confirmation of projects potentially relevant to all Section 106 negotiations, decisions, and renegotiations.
  2. Maintain an open and transparent “Section 106 Account”, showing past, current, and future payments and/or their intended expenditure.
  3. Contribute to the Nunthorpe community at least 3% of funding obtained by Middlesbrough Council from the sale of Council-owned land in the area for housing development, where such sales have already been authorised in the Local Plan and the asset sale achieves near, or above, the target sale value.

Infrastructure and joint working

  1. Establish and fund a “Baseline Study” of Nunthorpe.
  2. Consult the Nunthorpe Vision Group about the redevelopment of the Nunthorpe Grange Master Plan
  3. Establish a Nunthorpe Infrastructure Planning Board -
    1. to formulate a Nunthorpe Infrastructure Plan, incorporating all major infrastructure components, including enhancement of the framework for public transport, roads, footpaths, cycleways, bridleways, parks and playing fields
    2. to oversee implementation of the Nunthorpe Infrastructure Plan.
  4. Facilitate establishment of a Nunthorpe Neighbourhood Plan, which will incorporate these commitments and embed them in the Neighbourhood Plan consultative process.
  5. Establish a mechanism for Nunthorpe Parish Council to monitor implementation of the undertakings outlined above, and to ensure delivery.


Page updated 12/02/21

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