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About neighbourhood planning

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The Localism Act 2011 sets out how communities will be able to get more involved in planning for their areas, specifically around creating plans and policies to guide new development, and in some cases granting planning permission for certain types of development.

Neighbourhood planning is about letting local communities plan for their area. It is led by the residential and business community, and is about building neighbourhoods - not stopping growth.

Neighbourhood planning enables local communities to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan or Neighbourhood Development Order for their area, with support from the council. These documents can then become part of the council's planning framework documents, along with being a material consideration in the determination of any planning applications that are received for that neighbourhood plan area.

If you have any specific questions regarding neighbourhood planning, or think your local community would like to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan, please contact:

Phone: 01642 729062 or 01642 729065

For further information on Neighbourhood Planning and Neighbourhood Plans, view the Neighbourhood Planning factsheet.

Neighbourhood Area and Neighbourhood Forum application forms

Neighbourhood Area application form

Neighbourhood Forums - explanation and application form

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