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New Local Plan

New Local Plan timetable

The council has agreed a timetable for delivery of the New Local Plan, which is available in our Local Development Scheme (LDS) 2018-2020 document.

New Local Plan consultation

The council is reviewing its Local Plan. The review is to ensure that the council will have an up-to-date, comprehensive and fully National Planning Policy Framework compliant Local Plan.

The next stage of the Local Plan is submission, which is currently planned for June 2019.

Previous Local Plan Consultations

Publication Local Plan

The council consulted on its Publication Local Plan between 9 November and 21 December 2018, and the comments received are now being processed by Planning Policy services. A report on the consultation will follow in due course.

Documents relating to the Publication Local Plan consultation:

Preferred Options

The council consulted on its Preferred Options report between 24 May and 9 July 2018, and the comments received have been taken into account in finalising the Publication Local Plan (see above).

Documents relating to the Preferred Options consultation: