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Covering an area of approximately 57 hectares (140 acres) in Middlesbrough, Middlehaven is one of the north-east's largest and most exciting regeneration schemes. The redevelopment of Middlehaven is being delivered by Middlesbrough Council and the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA). The Middlehaven Development Framework and Design Code guides the development of the area, whilst offering a flexible approach which is capable of responding to the market and development opportunities.

About Middlehaven

The historic heart and driving force of a strong local industry, Middlehaven and its hugely important dock gave birth to the success of Middlesbrough today. Whilst Middlehaven is taking leaps and bounds forward, the area still honours its heritage with the existence of the Transporter Bridge, old Town Hall, dock clock tower and Custom House (now the Myplace youth activity centre). The combination of these attractive listed buildings set amongst contemporary award-winning architecture makes the area a unique place to live, work and invest.

Today, Middlehaven is still an integral and dynamic part of Middlesbrough's town centre, set on the Tees riverfront, just north of the A66 and the Darlington to Saltburn railway line. Its town centre location means it's well connected to the road and rail network, as well as being easily accessible by foot.

The redevelopment of the area creates a fantastic opportunity to attract inward investment by developing new office space, leisure facilities, homes, bars, and restaurants. The redevelopment of Middlehaven has already attracted over £160m of investment.

Key achievements

  • The Riverside Stadium, the home of Middlesbrough Football Club, has been in Middlehaven since 1995. The stadium has become one Middlesbrough's most famous landmarks.

  • New state-of-the-art central building for Middlesbrough College (£70m), as well as a Sixth Form, MC6 (£6.5m) and a regional STEM training centre (£20m).

  • The building of Manhattan Gate (£20m) and the renovation of the Cleveland Club (£1m) to provide prestigious offices.

  • The installation of the Anish Kapoor sculpture Temenos (£2.7m).

  • The building of Boho One (£12m) and Bohouse (£2.8m), a hub for digital enterprises.

  • Boho Five is the latest stage of the Boho Zone in Middlesbrough, which has proved successful as an emerging centre for digital and media businesses. The new £4.2m digital business centre will provide a home for up to 50 start-up firms.

  • Relocating Middlesbrough's Police headquarters.

  • Creating the Stages Academy, which provides a launch pad for homeless people to gain skills and confidence to move on with their lives (£5.7m).

  • The renovation of the Customs House into state-of-the-art youth facility, Myplace (£4.3m).

  • Building of CIAC (Community in a Cube) (£11.5m), a new standard in environmentally friendly apartment living.

  • The refurbished Transporter Bridge, glass viewing lift and improvements to the visitor centre (£2.6m Heritage Lottery Fund grant).

  • The £35m retail development off Cargo Fleet including a new retail unit, drive-thru KFC, Marston's Six Medals pub and Costa Coffee.

  • The £1.6m community 'urban' park at the foot of the Transporter Bridge.

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