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Stainsby scheme (including Stainsby North)

The Stainsby scheme located in West Middlesbrough was allocated for housing in the Local Plan adopted in 2014. The 130 hectare site was designated for a minimum of 1,670 dwellings in a mixed and balanced residential community.

Draft masterplan

A masterplan was approved by Single Member Executive on 23 January 2019. 

To ensure that the local community were able to play a part in the preparation of the draft masterplan, consultation events took place around the overall Stainsby scheme.

Over a 12 week period, the council and its appointed architects held three workshops, one at Acklam Library and two at the Acklam Green Centre. The council encouraged participation in the development of the masterplan by seeking views relating to the location, design and specification of the green spaces, the Country Park and any other proposed amenities on the site, through a number of questionnaires.

In summary, although a proportion of local residents are still opposed to any development on the green space at Stainsby North, others have felt that the events were extremely useful and that the council has listened to public concern and amended the vision for Stainsby accordingly. Many now feel that the council is presenting a positive scheme that will not only provide housing to meet need and demand, but will create a much improved and larger publicly accessible space which will be of benefit to all.


Executive report – 23 January 2019

Draft masterplan

Next steps

The council proposed to develop the final detailed masterplan which will encapsulate, and enhance where required, all work and documents produced within the draft masterplan. The final masterplan will be used as a reference design for negotiations/parameter setting with developers. The documents will be used as the basis for a Supplementary Planning Document/Design and Development Briefs to prospective developers and/or the key reference document when negotiating outcomes with planning applicants.

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Executive report – 4 September 2018